Fellow bikers,
this is the first newsletter for the Super Rally 2001.
The temperature is around 35 Celsius here in Greece and everybody is on the islands or mainland beaches enjoying their vacations.
But the Super Rally 2001 Team is still here making arrangements and working for the success of the Event and your comfort next year.
The latest news are:
  1. FERRY BOAT: As you already know, Minoan Lines is an official sponsor of the Super Rally 2001. They have offered us a 30% discount on the return ticket PLUS 20% discount on two way tickets PLUS special service on board. ATTENTION! Do not make any reservations with any travel agents yet because you will not get the discount. We arranged the date thet you can start making reservations on the end of September. That is because that will be the date when the Company will know the exact prices and itineraries for next year. You will be able then to make reservations with all European agents of Minoan Lines or through the Internet. You will have to make your reservations using the code HD for your tickets to get your discount. You will also have to say that you are guests of the Super Rally 2001 (a Harley Davidson registration paper will simplify your bookings). We will have departures from the ports of Ancona and Venice in Italy to Igoumenitsa (the port of Igoumenitsa is 4 km away from the Super Rally area). The Company said that there is a 90% possibility that we will also have departures from the ports of Bari and Brindisi (Italy) too, but we cannot promise that yet. For your information only, the prices (if we include our discounts) for this summer were: 112 EURO for 2 persons (deck) and for one bike two way, and 220 EURO for 2 persons (double cabin) and one bike two way. Except for deck and double cabins you will have many other choices for cabin and price, for example double inside cabins, double outside cabins, 3berth inside cabins, 3birth outside cabins, 4birth cabins, airplane seats etc... The above prices will probably be different for next summer. You will be able to buy your Super Rally entrance tickets onboard to avoid traffic at the Super Rally entrance.
  2. HOTELS: We have about 1000 hotel rooms and 2000 lodgings (rooms to let) in the area (35 km range). The reservation procedure will be based on priority. That means that people who book early will stay closer to the Super Rally area. We will soon have special Internet pages where you will be able to see photos of the hotels and rooms and learn about services, distances and prices so you can choose your accomodation. Unfortunately, in the camping area there are not any cabins, but there are rooms only 3 km away from the area. The camping area will be in walking distance from the Main Rally Area and it has 10000 tents capacity. Again in the end of September you will be able to make your reservations on the internet or by fax.
    That's all for the moment! More newsletters with information about everything will follow...
    Check our Website every now and then to see if anything new has happened. Our site is now in 5 languages (Greek, English, Deutch, French and Italian) and it is updated often.
    Don't hesitate to e-mail, fax or telephone for any questions, information, suggestions, or complaints. Please use the numbers below.
    See you all next year on the beach!
  3. ENTRANCE: The entrance fee for the Super Rally will be 50 EURO (per person) and will include breakfasts, pin, program.
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Alejandro Pino
Treasurer Harley Davidson Club Hellas
Secretariat, Public Relations, Promotion for Super Rally 2001

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(+301) 7652414
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